Services What we offer

Web Application

Our first focus is on testing Web Applications. This is as against many companies who claim to be experts in this field but who are in fact Infrastructure Testers who do applications on the side. Our consultants can either read or code in (or both) most common languages/frameworks, including ASP.NET/C#, Java, Ruby/Rails, PHP, and JavaScript/Node. We can therefore either carry out standard black box testing, code review (or white box) or a combination of the two. We would generally recommend the last approach which we call ‘Shadow Boxing’ as it provides a quicker, more comprehensive and better value test.


We also carry out external and internal infrastructure security reviews. These are often called ‘Penetration Tests’ but we don’t think they should be and we would like to explain why this is to you. Our streamlined analysis and reporting methodology can help you identify the important issues which can actually damage your organization and separate these from the ‘noise’ generated by automatic scanners. Unlike many testers, we will not exploit or damage your systems unless you specifically ask us to, but will simply identify the issue and explain to you how to fix it.


We carry out reviews of Mobile Applications and devices. This area is very much a buzzword in the industry at the moment and it is important to ensure that if you are paying for an Application review that you are getting a consultant familiar with how these are coded (and not just someone who knows the device). We are also one of the few consultancies to offer Windows Phone and Blackberry as well as iOS and Android.

Build Review

We can review your standard builds of Windows (client and server), Linux and Solaris and identify areas where security can be tightened. We can also carry out database (Oracle, MS-SQL etc.) reviews although this is not our speciality and in some cases we may wish to pass you to another provider in the field who specializes in this type of work.

Firewall Review

We offer Firewall rule set reviews of several common Firewall brands.

Wireless Scan

We can carry out wireless scanning for you onsite in most parts of Scotland.

Microsoft Services

We recognize that although mobile and everything Apple and Google related are hot at the moment – most companies will continue to run on Microsoft based technologies. We can test and advise on a variety of these, including Active Directory, SharePoint and Exchange.


Everyone has a first love. If you put us on the spot we would have to admit that we love Ruby on Rails and Windows Store/Windows Phone. In fact we love them so much that we offer discounted rates on these technologies. So if you have something based on these you would like tested you win three times; you get a world class expert in the field; you get a passionate and engaged tester; you get a great rate. Ask us for more info.